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Charleston’s Foreclosure Market: Opportunities Amid Trends

In the ever-evolving real estate landscape of Charleston, South Carolina, the city has been spotlighted for its notable activity in the foreclosure sector. This report dives into the latest developments, highlighting key data and trends that are shaping the market as of early 2024.

Foreclosure Trends in Charleston: A Closer Look

As part of the broader picture in South Carolina, Charleston’s real estate market is under the microscope due to its foreclosure rates. South Carolina, sharing a spot with Florida, is amongst the states with the highest foreclosure rates in the country as of 2023. While this indicates a significant challenge, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics within Charleston itself​​.

Current Foreclosure Listings in Charleston

The number of foreclosed homes available in Charleston provides a tangible measure of the foreclosure landscape. With over 844 foreclosure listings found, the range of properties spans from single-family homes in diverse neighborhoods to other types of housing. The listings include a variety of properties, with examples like a single-family home on Oswego St priced at $625,000 and a more substantial property on Tradd St listed for $2,600,000, showcasing the broad spectrum of foreclosed properties in the area​​.

Implications for Buyers and Investors

The current state of the foreclosure market in Charleston presents both challenges and opportunities. For potential buyers and real estate investors, the diversity and number of foreclosures signal a unique moment to explore investment options or find a new home at potentially lower prices. However, navigating this market requires careful analysis and understanding of the local real estate dynamics.


As Charleston moves through 2024, the foreclosure market remains a critical area for observation. While the city mirrors South Carolina’s broader foreclosure trends, the specifics of Charleston’s real estate market offer unique insights and opportunities. Buyers, sellers, and investors alike are encouraged to stay informed and consider the implications of these trends on their real estate decisions.

This snapshot of Charleston’s foreclosure scenario aims to provide a comprehensive overview, yet the landscape is continually changing. Those interested in exploring foreclosure opportunities or seeking more detailed information should consult the latest listings and market analyses for the most current insights.

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