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California’s 2024 Foreclosure Wave: Economic Shifts and Legislative Responses

Foreclosures in California continue to rise as they face economic challenges that, following the pandemic, are on an unbalanced increase with 2,710 reports just in the month of January 2024. This is due to rising interest rates and the country’s economic standby; however, there are opportunities to be seized in new legislation when pre-foreclosure begins, as according to California law, owners after 4 missed payments, which is when the pre-foreclosure process starts, have a subsequent 4-month period to resolve their economic issues or accept that they definitely lose the property, bringing with it the deterioration of the credit record.

Faced with high foreclosure rates in the State; California has taken action and started the implementation of new legislation aimed at supporting homeowners and impacting the reduction of foreclosures.

Websites are also playing a balancing role in the issue, providing information both to homeowners who are having problems either at the start or in the middle of their foreclosures and to potential owners who see an opportunity; this is notably observed in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco y San Diego.

The future of foreclosures in California will obey macroeconomics which as we have seen is a factor that currently overwhelms the entire country, high interest rates and regulations tighten where it most affects consumers of these types of markets, it is necessary to continuously investigate this market where there will possibly be opportunities for those who want to invest; the future is still uncertain while the country’s economy does not show signs of recovery.

Foreclosures in the State of California are high this can mean opportunities for some and challenges for others causing an economic balance that may represent relief for this sector.

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