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In the first quarter of the year 2024, the foreclosure landscape in the State of Florida is complex yet developing, due to new legislation on the subject, niche behavior, and technology. Florida has maintained high foreclosure rates throughout its history, but with significant changes in its behavior due to new trends that begin to indicate […]View more
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Tallahassee, Florida, a city known for its vibrant communities and lush landscapes, is currently navigating through a mixed real estate market, underscored by significant foreclosure activity. The recent auction of The Centre of Tallahassee, previously known as the Old Tallahassee Mall, marks a notable event in the city’s foreclosure scene. This property, which has View more
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Orlando’s real estate landscape is marked by a complex interplay between a rising tide of foreclosures and a simultaneously growing, dynamic housing market. This juxtaposition reflects the city’s resilience and the multifaceted challenges it faces. Foreclosure filings in Orlando have notably increased, positioning the city sixth among U.S. cities with a surge View more