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2024 North Carolina Foreclosure Update: Trends and Assistance

The foreclosure processes in North Carolina for 2024 show some stability compared to 2023, due to policies set by the local government to prevent new foreclosure proceedings from concluding.

North Carolina provides backup policies through specialized assistance on the topic of foreclosures for free in two ways; the help is aimed at saving delinquent properties or carrying out the foreclosure process more efficiently without causing so much economic damage to such owners; likewise, all these programs are subsidized by the State Foreclosure Project.

The distribution of properties in foreclosure is generally across the state, it’s a positive factor that they are not concentrated only in some cities; on the contrary, we find properties in foreclosure both urban and rural and with great diversity of styles, sizes, and prices which also helps buyers and investors have a variety of properties from which they can choose according to their capabilities.

It should be noted that for those buyers and investors of this type of properties there are also local programs that encourage purchasing to help stabilize the real estate market, without setting aside the financial uncertainty that the economy is going through at a national level; therefore, it is always important to research trends and rely on specialized advice due to the constant changes in the legislation of this type of properties.

In general, North Carolina has been carrying out projects and changes in legislation to counteract the challenges faced by the real estate market, especially for properties that start or are in the process of foreclosures, covering both parties involved in the process, owners and buyers.

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