Carson City Las Vegas Nevada
Nevada’s real estate market as of mid-2024, has shown notable activity in the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure areas which has created a pattern in its housing sector. Urbanization comes with inevitable shifts in economic status and this leads to Las Vegas, Reno and Henderson having prominent cases of foreclosures which presents a mixture of both opportunities […]View more
Fort Wayne Indiana
May 2024 – As Indiana’s housing market shifts, new data has disclosed a detailed picture of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures within the state. The major objective of this report is to explore the current underlying conditions, problems, and opportunities that homeowners and investors currently are experiencing. Foreclosure Rates and Trends There have been notable View more
Jefferson City Kansas City Missouri St. Louis
Missouri’s real estate market has been witnessing a noticeable surge in foreclosures. This has presented numerous challenges and prospects for prospective home owners and investors. Recent figures from different areas within the state have indicated an upsurge in both pre-foreclosure and foreclosure listings, thereby highlighting the ever changing nature of Missouri’s View more
Baltimore Maryland
As we progress in 2024, Maryland’s real estate market, particularly when it comes to foreclosure, looks like a very complicated work in progress. This shows that the state has undergone significant fluctuations in foreclosure activities, which represent both challenges and opportunities for homeowners, buyers, and investors. Current Foreclosure Trends in Maryland Maryland View more
Charlotte Greensboro North Carolina Raleigh
The foreclosure processes in North Carolina for 2024 show some stability compared to 2023, due to policies set by the local government to prevent new foreclosure proceedings from concluding. North Carolina provides backup policies through specialized assistance on the topic of foreclosures for free in two ways; the help is aimed at saving delinquent properties […]View more
Seattle Spokane Washington
The state of Washington is facing a rise in both foreclosure and pre-foreclosure processes, leading homeowners, investors, and legislators to analyze the situation, make decisions, and create policies to minimize the impacts caused by this situation both locally and nationally regarding the economic instability we are facing this 2024. Foreclosure processes have been View more
Detroit Michigan
The State of Michigan is generally managing foreclosure proceedings well. Compared to the previous year, foreclosures have increased by 11.5%, with this percentage mainly affecting large cities like Detroit and Warren, all amidst a difficult economic landscape at the national level. What is really worrying the State of Michigan is the exponential rise in pre-foreclosures. View more
Foreclosures in New York start this year 2024 with a panorama where economic changes, regional trends, and support plans converge for those properties that start or are in the process of foreclosure. Currently, the State of New York is reviewing the existing legislation regarding abuses in foreclosures, which creates an atmosphere of indecision for homeowners […]View more
Minneapolis Minnesota
The State of Minnesota, facing the foreclosure panorama, presents a great variety among the types of properties found in the listings; despite the increase in foreclosure processes, the market remains viable for potential buyers and for homeowners, there are alternatives to keep their properties. Foreclosures are well distributed throughout the State, in both urban and View more