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Colorado Foreclosures in 2024: Variable Trends with a Promising Long-Term Outlook

In 2024, foreclosures in the State of Colorado present a varied picture by area, while some are in a stable moment, in others they increase considerably, such as in Denver, where the increase so far this year is 200%; in general terms, foreclosures are in line with the national trend.

The increase in foreclosure proceedings is bringing with it an increase in properties acquired by banks, which means that foreclosure auctions have not been successful; reflecting the fear of investors at the moment for this type of property; while on the other side of the foreclosure landscape are those homeowners who are losing their investment because in the face of increasingly strong economic challenges there is no alternative but to hand over the property.

To the above situation we must add that the real estate market in the State of Colorado in general is decreasing its activity and the sector is declining in the face of the current economic situation in the country.

The real estate market thus becomes a niche that must be investigated and analyzed in the face of the possibility of investing at this time; however, the long-term outlook for foreclosures is somewhat healthier, since unemployment is expected to improve, interest rates to fall and a general economic recovery in the second half of 2024.

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