Foreclosures in New York start this year 2024 with a panorama where economic changes, regional trends, and support plans converge for those properties that start or are in the process of foreclosure. Currently, the State of New York is reviewing the existing legislation regarding abuses in foreclosures, which creates an atmosphere of indecision for homeowners […]View more
First quarter of the year 2024 and foreclosures in Pennsylvania continue to present an increasing scenario, affecting both high-cost and low-cost properties, that is, foreclosure processes are observed in all strata and it is noted that the phenomenon affects not only large cities but also rural populations. The majority of foreclosures in Pennsylvania are being […]View more
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Foreclosures are beginning to show an increase in the State of Texas starting the second half of the first semester, reflecting a perspective of challenges and opportunities in the real estate market directly affected by the country’s economic situation. The challenge lies for those homeowners for whom the current economic situation negatively affects them such […]View more
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In the evolving landscape of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s real estate market, a new chapter unfolds as we delve into the latest developments in the foreclosure and pre-foreclosure sectors. This detailed exploration highlights the most recent listings and auctions that paint a broader picture of the current state of affairs, distinct from the general overview previously View more
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Charlotte, North Carolina, continues to navigate through an evolving foreclosure landscape, characterized by a range of properties entering pre-foreclosure and foreclosure processes. As of recent observations, the market demonstrates a broad spectrum of opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike, albeit under the shadow of financial distress for some homeowners. View more